Golf Tip - Pace of Play


As the Golf Programs Director I want to ensure everyone enjoys their golf experience.  We are very fortunate to have all levels of players.  To enable the completion of a round of golf in the expected time frame (4 hours 15 mins) here are some very relaxed guidelines for newbies intended to speed up play:


  1. Pick up after 8 strokes. In the sand, throw it out after two tries.  If you are not on the green after you’ve the ball six times, carry it to the green and putt.
  2. When leaving the golf cart take needed clubs. Remember, your  objective right now is to make good contact, so don’t spend a lot of time deciding on “the right” club.

  3. When chipping up to green, carry putter with you.

  4. Move to your ball quickly.

  5. On putting green make sure you are in place and ready to putt when it’s your turn.Lost ball – search no longer than a minute. Drop new ball in fairway on line with where you think it was lost.

  6. Always have an extra ball with you.

  7. It’s okay to use a tee on the fairway while you’re learning.

  8. Take a maximum of two practice swings.


Have fun!!!!!!